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          Long overdue reform of the sports administration system is expected更多 >>
          • The area under cultivation for daffodils has been reined in to less than 500 hectares, making room for flowers with bigger returns.
          • The video was reposted on several major video websites.
          • A truck moves forward with anti-skid chains on Highway 212 in Dingxi, Northwest China’s Gansu province on Nov 25, 2012.
          • Piraeus Port is one of the largest seaports in the Mediterranean Sea basin and among the top 10 container ports in Europe.
          • Cars move in the rain in Guiyang, capital of Southwest Chinas Guizhou province, July 16, 2014.
          • The order at the railway station has been restored to normal after an overnight terrorist attack which left 29 people dead and 130 others injured.
          • Samples have been sent to the pharmacy authority for further checks, said Du Changtao, an official from the publicity department of Zhengzhou.
          • This will help increase the role of emerging markets in the formation of global financial rules and order, and we have a number of things to learn from the existing institutions.
          • The council arranges two-day discussions on Chinas policies, economy, diplomacy and defense.
          • Its smartphone instant messaging service, Weixin, or WeChat in overseas markets, is already a market leader in China, with more than 300 million users.
          • Investment in public programs has been one of Chinas ways to sustain its GDP growth.
          • The iPhone 5 introduced on Wednesday sports a 4-inch retina display, ability to surf a high-speed 4G LTE wireless network, and is 20 percent lighter than the previous iPhone 4S.
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