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          In these sectors, women also spend more time than men at each level before being promoted to a senior position, the report added.

          After progress was achieved in fighting corruption since the new leadership took up their posts in late 2012, the anti-corruption drive has entered a tug of war stage in which the anti-corruption forces and corruption forces have almost equal power, he said.

          07 million units in April, while sales declined 7.

          The Egyptian president arrived in Beijing on Tuesday as the second destination of his Asian tour that includes Singapore and Indonesia.

          This is because the identification and addresses provided are false.

          The countys headquarter of flood control and drought relief said the rainfall is the largest in local meteorological history.

          But Russia denied any involvement.

          Liu Ting, one of three local visitors when China Daily visited the site, points to the hills and says they used to be much larger.

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